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Singapore Math

StrategiesPart-whole thinking6 = 6 & 0, 5 & 1, 4 & 2, 3 & 3Decomposing23 = 20 + 3 42 = 40 + 2Branching23 + 42 = (20 + 40) + (3 + 5)Distributive Property for Multiplication3 x 15 = (3 x 10) + (3 x 5)Area Model & Partial Product (FOIL)

A DIFFERENT APPROACH>base 10 system>number sense & place value (learned through strategies)>mastery of concepts>stages of understanding:1. concrete2. pictorial3. abstract

In the United States....

Extensive & ongoing teacher training (costly/time consuming)Materials - replace every classroom, every yearBad for nomadic students - sequential and does not reteach concepts/skillsHard to implement (more work for teacher)

Singapore Math

No spiral approachText/workbooks - easy to read, concise graphics, & sequentialClosey aligned to CCSSMeaningful understanding of concepts and skills vs. rote memorizationFoundation mastery is obtained before proceeding

1997 - Singapore declared #1 in mathematics education1998 - homeschoolers began purchasing2003 - U.S. adaptation of Primary Mathematics Series ( spelling; measurements)2007 - Aligned U.S edition to CA Standards; added probability & data analysis2014 - Primary Mathematics Standards Editition (aligns with CCSS)


Singapore Math is...

What is it?


Why Not?

Does is work?>pilot studies>data for full implementation needed>200 schools in 2004>2,000 schools in 2011


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