Singapore (Humanity Homework)

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Singapore (Humanity Homework)

How is Singapore's government organized?



what are the guiding principles of singapore's government?

How has the Singapore government controlled the flow of traffic in Singapore in recent years?

Leadership is key.-Honest and capable leaders needed.-Good leaders make the right decisions for the country.-They must have moral courage and integrity.

Anticipate change and stay relevant.-Government must be forward looking

Reward for work and work for reward.-Meritocracy is important for this principle.-Meritocracy given an equal opportunity to all to acheive their best.

A stake for everyone, Opportunities for all.-A greater sense of belonging is created when people have a say in decision making .

The government of Singapore is made up of several departments, known as ministries and statutory boards in Singapore. Ministries are led by a leader of the cabinet and deal with state matters that require direct political oversight. The leader of the cabinet heading the ministry is known as the minister, who is supported by a junior minister known as the minister of state in Singapore. The administrative management of the ministry is led by a senior civil servant known as a permanent secretary.


Area Licensing Scheme.-Area licensing scheme was indroduced. -Motorists had to pay for use of certain roads-Roads bounded within areas designated as restricted zones-Gantries set up to monitor motorists

To support Area Licensing scheme, other measures were introduced.-Improving bus services -Increasing cost of parking city areas-Providing park-and-ride facilities.When this started, motorists were unhappy.However, it was successful in ensuring smooth traffic flow.

There was room for improvement, therefore Electronic Road Pricing was introduced.-As technology had enabled transport system to stay relevant, Electronic Road Pricing is more efficient and effective. Thus making the traffic flow even smoother.

Park-and-ride-It was introduced at the same time as Area Licensing Scheme.-Motorists park vehicles at specific carparks. However, there is a disadvantage to it but it is still used today.-Shuttle bus companies set up for this scheme not able to survive and allocated carparks were not used.

Vehicle Quota System-There was a sharp increase incar ownership in 1990s, and it was urgent to control car population.One of the ways to administer Vehicle quota System was through Certificate of Entitlement system.- Car buyers must bid for Certificate of Entitlement before purchasing their cars.-Certificate of entitlement entitles vehicle ownership for ten years, then they will need to renew it after ten years if owner still wants to use the car.

This video is saying that the Ministry of Transport is trying their very best to make transport convenient and affortable to all singaporeans.



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