Singapore´s education system

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Singapore´s education system

Bye Bye PSlE scores

The education system no longer wants the students to be so result oriented. Instead of placing so much emphasis in the t-scores like in the past, the MOE is looking into giving the children grades instead. The main purpose of this is to encourage the child to venture more into other non-academic areas such as their strengths, hobbies and to realise their potential.

Singapore is removing the current scoring system for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) to reduce competition among students and to increase non-academic development for the children.


Why ?

The PSLE, the first mandatory common examination a student in Singapore has to take, has been under criticism for fuelling unnecessary competition between children at a young age and deciding their future at too early a stage in life. Without the T-score, said Lee, “you will be able to sit back and you have the space to educate and develop the students more holistically.”


The high-stakes nature of the PSLE has often been criticised by parents and serves as a major contributing factor to the stress in the education system.

Educators said examination stress is inevitable and some stress may be good for the child. However, not having a T-score means parents and students will not be chasing their results to the last digit.

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Singapore'sEducation system


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