Singapore cuisine

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Singapore cuisine



a dish that is truly unique to the region with modern-day roots in Malay and Indonesian archipelago

Chicken Rice


Chicken rice is a dish that is commonly found in Singapore. It is one of our favourite dish as it is simple, delicious and it is part of Singapore’s food culture. It is also one of the must-try dish for foreigners that visit Singapore.

The orange-oiled broth with crazy spicy chilli and light sauce by the side. The aroma that saunters out of every strand of vermicelli. The warm breeze of coconut and spices that whips through the air. The hardboiled egg stained with gravy, delicious! Certainly one of the best, added on with prawns and cockles.

It’s highly impossible to choose a favourite dish in Singapore. All the dishes are unique in their own way. From taste, aroma and then on to visual presentation, somehow or rather gives a sense of belonging to locals as we can enjoy them at any time of the day under any environment. Not everyone is able to appreciate local delicacies, but those that can, would never be able to forget the tantalizing and appetising experience!


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