Simple past

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Simple past

Simple past

There are two types of verbs in past: regular verbs and irregular verbs.

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Regular verbs:End in "ed".Example:play - playedcall - calledwash - washedIrregular verbs:The past is irregular.Example:see- sawdrink - drankhave - had

Simple past.....

Yesterday we conducted a science experiment at school and we learned a lot about science.

+ Affirmative

- Negative

? Interrogative

Karla didn't eat hamburgers last week.Pete didn't write a letter to his mom.Steve didn't study for the exams.

Karla ate hamburgers last week.Pete wrote a letter to his mom.Steve studied for the exams.

Did Karla eat hamburgers?Yes, she did.Did Pete write a letter?No, he didn'tDid Steve study for the exams.?Yes, he did.


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