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Simple Machines

Simple Machines Wheel & Axle

The Question

The Rolling Pin

Why it is an example of the wheel and axle

The Rolling Pin is an example of the wheel and axle because the handles would represent the axle, and the cylindrical roller would represent the wheel.

A wheel and axle is a simple machine. The wheel connects to a rod we call the axle. When a force is exerted on either the wheel or the axle, they both rotate. An example is a car, on the bottom of the car, there is a wheel and axle. When someone drives a car, they exert force on the wheel and axle, so when the wheel and axle rotate, the car moves forwards, or backwards.

I found out that when force is applied to the wheel or the axle, the wheel and axle move together so you don't have to do much work pushing or pulling the object. Let's say the object was a big, heavy, rectangular box crate, but with friction, you won't be able to move it far. But if you add the wheel and axle to the bottom of the crate, you will be able to move the crate farther and faster.


What I found out about this simple machine

The Yo Yo


What is a wheel and axle?

What is considered a wheel and axle?

The Yo Yo is an example because with the diagram above, the halfs of the yo yo would be the wheel, and in the middle, where the bar is, that is called the axle, the axle is the small bar that you wrap the string around.

Why it is an example of the wheel and axle

Want to hear a cool song about simple machines? And want to learn more about more simple machines? Watch this cool video!

Want to learn more about the wheel and axle?This video shows alot about the wheel and axle. Why don't you watch it?

By: Kaitlyn Spark

The wheel and axle solves the problem of moving heavy objects a greater area than without the wheel and axle. With friction, it is harder to move an object with out a wheel and axle than an object with one.


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