Simple Machines

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Simple Machines

Simple MachinesBy: Bethany D.

This screw is used to keep all the water inside the bottle.

This pulley makes it easier to close and open the curtains.


Pulley Movie

This wheel & axle makes it easier to move the balls around.

These levers are used to hit the balls away from you.


This wedge is used to cut holes into paper.

This inclined plane is being used to keep soap in place.


Inclined Plane

Back Stage Curtain

Soap Container

Bottle Cap


Three Piece Hole Punch

Shopping Cart

Wheel & Axle

Pulleys make it easier to lift objects into or onto a tree, windows, etc.

An inclined plane makes it easier to move something heavy to up a cliff, on top of boxes etc.

A wheel & axle makes it easier to move heavy objects around.

A lever is used to raise, lift, and pry.

Short and Long Paddles

A wedge cuts and splits things apart.

A common use of a screw is to hold things together.

My Source

Did you know screws are a type of inclined plane. It was just so important that they gave it its own category.


Simple Machine Game

Shopping carts are really compound machines a wheel and axle and a inclined plane


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