Simple Machines

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Simple Machines

Knife This is a wedge because it tapers to a thin edge and it changes the direction of objects. It changes the direction of an object by cutting it and the object spreads into two parts. It makes work easier by increasing the force outward when slicing an object. You can change the mechanicle advantage by changing the width of the knife.

Ramp This is an inclined plane because it's a flat,sloped surface and it helps to multiply force. It multiples force by increasing the distance. This ramp even turns to give a more gradual slope. The mechanical advantage could be decreased or increased by changing the distance of the ramp.

Inclined Plane

Jar This is a screw because it has an inclined plane wraped around it and it multiplies the force excerted. It makes work easier by increasing the distance. To change the mechanical advantage, alter the pitch or the ammount of threads in the screw.

Doorknob This is a wheel and axel because it has a wheel and axel that are fastened together around a common axis. It makes work easier by multipling force and increasing the distance by turning the wheel and not the axle. You change the size of the wheel or turn the axel of the doorknob.

Wheelbarrow This is a lever because it has a rigid bar free to rotate/pivot on a fixed point. It is a 2nd class lever because it multiplies force. It multiplies force by increasing how far you must pick it up. The machanical advantage can be changed by changing the distance to the fulcrum point.



Lever2nd Class

Wheel and Axle

Simple Machines

The Six Simple Machines

Blinds This is a pulley because it changes the direction of the force, and it has a grooved wheel with a rope wrapped around it. It makes work easier by changing the direction of the force. The mechanical advantage can be changed by adding more sections of rope to support an object.



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