Simple Machines

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Simple Machines


Simple Machines

Wheel and Axle

The wheel and axle was first invented as a seperate wheel and then later on had and axle added to it, so it would move more smoothly if attached to something else. For example: a car.David Anthony is credited for inventing the wheel and axle. It was very difficult for him because it was hard to find something stable to attach the wheel too.

People started building levers to open fruit. Later, some people used levers to us as atlatls-or pear-thowers-to be able to throw farther.

The first found levers were developed in an animals' body. For example: when an animal hunts for prey, they are using they're arms and/or they're legs. Levers are one of the many simple machines. A lever is functioned to launch or to lift objects. Our arms and legs are similar to this. Levers make life easier because besides having to lift/throw heavy items, you can simply let the lever do the work.

A screw was one of the last simple machines to be invented. It was first famous in Greece and it's first know uses were used as a screw press and a Archimedes screw.

The Archimedes have credit for inventing the screw, althought there are signs of it being invented in Acient Egypt. In the 15th century, srews were used in clocks.

A screw makes life easier because it can help you tell time when it is used in clock and also it helps you put things together, for example: a house or a lever.


An inclined plane wasn't invented by man kind, it was invented by nature, for example: a hill.

Inclined Plane

The first man-made inclined planes were issued in the Stonehenge.

To the left is a example of a screw that you might use.

Inclined planes make life A LOT easier because if you have a wheel chair and can't go up stairs, a ramp-which is an example of a inclined plane-would make it a lot easier. Also, if you are in the situation when something is super heavy, you can simply just slide the item down a inclined plane.

PulleyIt is rumored that the Mesopatamions in 1500 BC used pulleys but were invented by the Archimedes. Pulleys make life much easier by helping you lift something extra heavy just by pulling. The tool that you are using to help you with your heavy item could sometimes be rubbing against a surface which helps make it easier to use the pulley.

As shown above, is anexample of a pulley.

No one is known to have invented the wedge, but Native Americans, Greeks, and many others used different types of wedges for many different uses. A wedge can be found as chisels, and axes. A wedge can be used to make a lot of items, for example: greek sculptures, arrowheads and chopped wood.


To the left is an example of a wedge cutting through a tree stump.

Above is an example of an inclined plane


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