Simple Machines

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Simple Machines

Simply, Simple Machines-Screws and Inclined Planes-

Hi there! Now, before we start, I want to ask you something: When I say science, what do you think of? Let me guess: potions, space, ecology, ect.. But, have you ever thought of SIMPLE MACHINES?

Now, the two simple machcines I will be teaching you about are the inclined plane and the screw. So, what is a inclined plane in the first place? Well, it's like a sloping surface, or the floor inclined/declined at a certain angle, it's not always man made! Have you ever seen a wheelchair ramp? Well, that's an example of an inclined plane! But that's not it's only use, people also use it to move things. Although pushing something up a ramp will require a longer distance to cover, it will take less force and will be easier. So think about it this way: you're hiking with your family, and you come up to two routes up the mountain. A steep, path leading up, or a gently sloping path, the gentle one would be easier to climb!

Next up, the screw! Okay, so when I say screw, I bet that the first thing that comes to mind is the common screw we see lots of times these days. You know? That typpe of screw that holds things together and all that? Well, that's ONE type of the two screws that people use these days. You see, there's also another type of screw. I like to call it the archemidie's screw, because he's the one that came up with the idea in the first place! Well, this type of screw actually carries things (like shown in the picture to the top right), for example, water. These days, we use this simple matchine to drill for oil. SO there you go, two types of screws, one for carrying things and another to hold things together and pierce through objects!

Yihan Wang

So, before I go, you may, or may not still have this question. Who invented these simple machines, and when were they invented? Let me explain... Nebuchadnezzar II (Neb-a-ken-ezer) was the man that invented the screw and once again, Archamedies was the inventer of the inclined plane/ramp.

Fun fact: The screw is basically a rod (called a body) with an inclined plane spiraling around it.

Simple Machines: any of the basic mechanical devices for applying a force, such as an inclined plane, wedge, or lever.


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