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Simple Interest help poster

Use these to help you along

Websites for task one: in one sites where you can gather credit card information from: that sell computers: you think of any more to expand your knowledge and get a better deal? *Also check your mailbox, there may be catalogues!

1) Follow the prompts throughout the webquest. It is important to work to the deadlines and checklists given to ensure you complete the tasks within the timelines.2) Work productively and collaborate with your partner, you are there to motivate and help each other along.3) Ask questions if you need help understanding the tasks.


"To buy or not to buy.. that, is the WEBQUESTion"

Please do:

Simple Interest (I)= PRTI = P x R x TWhat happens when these variables change?

Principal: is the amount of money you borrow or investInterest: the percentage charged or earnt Rate: annual interest rate (**in decimal form)Time: is calculated in years (**convert to decimal if time is less than 1 year)

Simple Interest

Creating a secondary axis

PRT, its as simple as ABC, 123.....

P = I RTR = I PTT = I PR


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