Simon Cymerath

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Simon Cymerath

Simon Cymerath

OverviewBorn in Ostrowieca, PolandMoved to Starowicea, PolandSecond of 5 ChildrenExtended family around 45Very Close FamilyPracticing Orthodox JewHad a highscool education

Beginning of Workat Lubin Labor Camp

In September of 1940, Simon began to work in one of Herman Goring's factories under supervison of the SS. Soon after that, everyone from the factory was shipped to Lublin forced labor camp would would later be turned into Majdanek extermination camp. From the first day, treatment in the labor camp was terrible. Near the entrance of the camp, each prisoner was electrocuted a few times by the SS to instill fear in them. Simon soon escaped the labor camp and returned to the ghetto to be with his family. One night the SS and Ukranian guards came and put Simon and his brother on one truck and the rest of their family on a different truck. Simon soon found out his family had been sent to Treblinka to be exterminated.


Experience at Auschwitz

Simon and his labor detail were transported from the factory in Starowicea after a large uprising when many Jews were shot trying to escape the camp. The SS shipped the Jews to Auschwitz the next day. With more than 100 prisoners on each cattle car in the heat of July, moving was nearly impossible, and more than half of the 15,000 prisoners dies on the route to Auschwitz. Simon worked in Monowitz, a sub work camp of Auschwitz. Every morning he would be marched by SS guards with machine guns to the factories at Monowitz. Simon says, "you're not a person, you're an animal." Everyday he saw people starving to death and swelling up because of a lack of food. Simone says people became so hungry and lost, that there were hardly any converstaions. In January 1945, everyone was forced onto trains and taken from Auschwitz to Oranienberg. This time the prisoners were transported in the winter, and many died from the extreme cold.

Cattle Car Used for Transport

After arriving at Orainienberg, Simon was forced to work for a few more months until April of 1945. In the early days of April, the SS rounded up all the prisoners and they began a deathmarch. One day, the SS told the Jews to sit still and eat their rations. The Jews were told if anyone moved, they would be shot, so they sat still for many hours. The SS never returned and the Jews were free. Simon could not speak any English to the American soldiers who took the Jews to a relief station. After the war, Simon was reunited with his brother, the only suriving familiy member of his 45 member extended family. In 1950, Simon moved to Detroit.




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