[2015] Chloe Stuart: Silverwing

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[2015] Chloe Stuart: Silverwing



By Kenneth Oppel

Kenneth Oppel is a canadian writer. Born in Port Alberni, B.C, August 31, 1967.

Main Character

Shade's an adventurous Silverwing bat with big dreams. But no one thinks he can reach his dreams, since he's the runtof his colony. He spends his entire life trying to prove himself to his colony and to find out why all silverwigns bats are banished and to defeat that rule.


This book takes place in lots of places. The first place is Tree Haven where Shade'scolony has lived for years. But, sadly when Shade breaks a rule, the owls burn down hisprecious home. The Silverwing colony has to hibernate early and fly over the ocean,through the city, the mountains, the suers and finally reach their hibernating place called Hibernaculum.


There are a lot of conflicts in this story between shade and other things. The first conflict in the book is Bat ( Shade) vs. colony. This happens because it was Shade fault that their precious Tree Haven was burnt down and most of the colony hasn let go of their grudge. Once Shade colony starts their hibernation, it becomes bat vs. weather and nature. The whole bat colony has to fight against the weather to stay together and sadly Shade couldn defeat the wind and gets swept away from his family. During Shade's journey to get back to his colony, it becomes bat vs. bat when Shade meets some carnivore bats who trick him into believing them and then betray them and try to eat them.

Most Memorable part

I believe that the most memorable partin this story is, first, when Shade sees the sun and the owls burn down Tree Haven. This is a memorable part of the story because this is what started the whole journey of Shade.


If I were to make a sequel I would call it Finding Silverwing, because, at the end of Silverwing, Shade was gathering bats in his colony to go and find his father and the sequel should be about Shade's journey to find his father, Cassiel who they al thought was dead.

Finding Silverwing


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