Silverback Gorillas

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Silverback Gorillas

Silverback Gorillas

Silverback gorillas spend 30% of their day eating, 30% traveling and playing, and 40% resting and sleeping.

Silverback gorillas live in 3 places on the Earth in Democratic Republic of Congo. Rwanda, Bwindi, and Uganda, Africa.

Gorillas are 98% related to humans.


map of where they live

They eat termites, ants, fruits, and bamboo shoots. Silverback gorillas are social, shy animals and are usually peaceful and quiet. Silverback gorillas live in groups of numbers from 2-40 but usually 10. In each group there is a least 1 Silverback, 1 Blackback, several mature females, a few young adults and juveniles, and several infants.

Silverback gorillas are about 6 ft. tall and weigh 298-397lb. They have a live for around 50. Silverback gorillas are being hunted and are now endangered. There is only 700 silverback gorillas left in the wild.


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