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Chemical Elements

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Cool Facts:- used in mirrors and dentistry- often found in copper and lead ores - The word silver is one of the only words in the English language that is almost impossible to rhyme with- it is mentioned in the Bible- peolpe have known how to seperate it from lead since around 3000 BC- sterling silver (commomly used in jeweley) is actually 92.5 % silver

Silver (Ag)


Physical Properties- silver-grey in colour- solid at STAP-melting point: 961.93°C- boiling point: 2212°C- density: 10.5 g/cm³- very malleable (a bit harder than gold)-2nd most ductile metal - not magnetic

Silver (Ag)



silver rings(jewelery)

silver in its natural form

Silver is not combustible unless it is in a powder form.

History and Societal Applications Silver was discovered around 5000 BC, by someone known by the ancients. It can be obtained from ores and was first used for ornaments, jewlery, and as a sign of wealthiness. Today it is also used in photography, as well as an electricle conductor and it is worth just over 55 cents per gram. The name "silver" comes from the Old English word "seolfor", and the elemnt symbol (Ag) comes from the latin word "argentum".

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Silver's atomic number is 47


silverware(eating utensils)

The Silver Song

Two ions walk out of the library. The sodium ion says to the other,"I think you forgot an electron in there." The silver ion responded, "No, I didn't." "Are you sure" asks the sodium ion. "Yes," replied the silver ion, "I'm positive!"

A Silver Atom


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