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Chemical Elements

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More Facts State of Matter at Room Tempreture: SolidColor:SilverElement Symbol: AgDiscoverer:UnknownYear of Discovery: Unknown

Interesting FactsSilver is the most ducile, and malleable metal.Silver has the highest conductivivty of any known element.Silver is the most reflective metal.Silver is a germicidal that is not toxic to humans, it can even be used as food decorations!

Common UsesSilver is commonly used for medals, electical components, jewelry, and photography.

LocationSilver is found mostly in North and South America, who toghether produce over 75% of the world silver. It is mostly commonly found in lead, copper, and zinc ores when refining.

FactsAtomic Number:47Atomic Mass:107.8682uGroup/Family Name and Number:11Period Number:5Electron Configuration: 1s22s22p63s23p63d104s24p64d10 5s1

PropertiesElectronegativity:1.93Density:10.49 g·cm−3Boiling Point:2162 °CMelting Point:961.78 Common Ions: +1Protons:47Neutrons:61Electrons:47

Origin/Meaning of NameThe orign of the name came from the Anglo-Saxon word "silfur", while is latin name came from the Latin word argentum.

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Atomic Drawing of Silver


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