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Chemical Elements

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Silver is the 47th element of the periodic table and it is part of the Metal elements.

Welcome to the wonders of Silver!!

*Did you know that silver was discovered earlier than 6000 B.C.?*Silver have been found by by archaeologists in Egypt.*The word “silver” comes from an Old English word “seolfor,” but its Latin name is “argentum.” and probably came from the Greek, “argos,” a word used to describe silver as “shiny” or “white.”*Since Silver's Greek word is "Argos" and its Latin name is called "Argentum", it must be why its symbol is called "Ag".*Silver is found all over the world, even in seawater. In the United States, there are silver mines in 16 states. Most of the silver comes from Nevada, Arizona, and Idaho. *When Silver was discovered in Nevada, it caused an event called "Silver Rush" in 1859.*When it was discovered in The United States, Silver was called "Comstock Lode" which was named after Henry T. P. Comstock. *Silver is also a very good conductor of electricity and heat.*Silver is also used to coat CDs and DVDsSilver is also used in the production of electronics, water purification, and solar energy.

Since it is soft, it can easily be made in to thin layers or rolled to make wire and Jewlery.

Some robots like me are coated with silver to make us look new and shiny!!

We are coated with silver so we can play your favorite movies and music!! :)


If you want to learn about how silver is used in currency and in other products, look at me :)

If you want more information about Silver, go to



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