Silver the Element of Change

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Chemical Elements

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Silver the Element of Change

Silver the Elementof Change

Uses for Silver include:Silverware, jewlery, batteries, money, and mirriors.

Melting Point361.93 degrees (C)Boiling Point2212 degrees (C)Density10.5 gm^3ColorMetallic GrayType of ElementTransition Metal

History of SilverSilver has been known since prehistoric times, like Gold no one really knows who found Silver.Man only learned to separate Silver from Lead as early as 3000 B.C..Silver was found in the Asia Minor (what is now Turkey) by ancient civilizations.These civilizations started to use Silver as money.

Silver was once used to stop infections.

Other names for Silver are:ArgentumArgentoPlata

-Silver was used to disinfect food and water when it was stored.- Silver is the best element used to conduct electricity.

Silver is also called "The Element of Change."

-Silver has played a key role in many ancient civilization advancements.- Silver is also the best reflector of light.

Silver has a white metallic glowwhen it is init's purestform.

Silver is slightly harder than gold.


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