silk roads

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silk roads

Fast Facts - Crossed Asia and ended in Europe- Goods traveled both east and west - Many goods were traded, not just silk, including paper, pottery and ideas- Goods coming to China from the west included sesame seeds and oil, metals, and gems.

Chinese silk

Silk Road Map

Silk Roads

Buddhism moves to China

During the Han period Buddhism also spread along the Silk Roads. Missionvaries from India brought Buddhism to China. From there it spread to Japan and Korea. Chinese Buddhists changed the religion to make it fit better with their own ways of life.

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During the Han rule, only the Chinese knew how to make silk. People outside China very much wanted this luxury cloth. In this way, silk was important in opening trade routes to the west. Major trade routes became known as Silk Roads. Merchants carried silk and other goods on these highways. These trans-Eurasian stretched from Asia to Europe. It was part of a global trade network.

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