Silk Road

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Silk Road

1. BACKGROUND i. Built during the Han Dynasty ii. Emperor Wu Di opened up the roads. iii. It was called the Silk Road because it was China's most important import iv. At the end of the route it was controlled by various groups v. Stretched 4,000 miles vi. Goods were relayed from one place to another vii. Stationed guards along the silk road protected the traders from thiefs2. WHAT WERE THE MOTIVES FOR INTERACTION? i. The motives were to trade with western countries ii. The Silk Road was built specifically to connect to Western iii. Connected to the Middle East 3. WHAT WERE THE SHORT AND LONG TERM CONSEQENCES OF THE INTERACTION? i. Brought in new ideas from other countries ii. Brought in new material from other countries such as fur, glass, figs, grapes, cucumbers, and walnuts. 4. HOW DID THESE INTERACTIONS AFFECT POLITICS, RELIGIONS, SOCIETIES AND ECONOMIES? i. Brought new ideas and goods which helped the economy become more efficient ii. Trade made the economy better, because they traded silk which many places liked to receive.

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The Silk Road

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