Silk Road

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Silk Road

Throughout the time from 600-1750 CE, the Silk Road has connected the Middle East, Asia, and Europe with it's trade routes. Valued items like silk, textiles, bamboo, and iron, which came from China, were transported along the Silk Road.

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A main continuity of the Silk Road was Chinese involvment in the trading network. Although the dynasties in China never wanted to diffuse with other cultures, they still were willling to export goods to make a profit for China.

Silk RoadTechnology, Participants, and Political and Economic Institutions

The main participants on the Silk Road were the Middle, East, China, other parts of Asia, and some routes in Europe whcih spread even all the way to Spain at the height of it's early history (100 A.D.).

"With these pieces of paper they can buy anything and pay for anything. And I can tell you that the papers that reckon as ten bezants do not weight one."

The safety of the Silk Road trading changed over time. After the Han dynasty, until the Mongols took over, trading was very dangerous.

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There was paper currency used along the Silk Road for trading which further developed the advanced trading system.

China spread their technologies and ideas throughout the silk road. One of the most important of these technologies is gunpowder, which was initially more for entertainment but was used for warfare in the west after it was traded throughout the Silk Road.Another technology spread on the Silk Road was the magnetic compass. This was a huge improvement in naval navigation and allowed for the european age of exploration.


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