Silk Road Glog #1

by Zohair
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Silk Road Glog #1

Intro to the Silk Road:The exchange of goods and ideas along the Silk Road influenced many people and places. Cities grew out of the need for places to trade and rest. Religions spread as monks and believers traveled into new very distinct impact on human history. Several hundred years of interaction among the peoples of the Silk Road exposed one culture to another. As a people adopted a new object, food, custom, or belief, not only cultural exchange but cultural diffusion took place. In cultural diffusion, the object, item, belief, or custom changes in form or meaning in the new environment. Oftentimes, the end-product combines features of both its original and new cultureSilk Road Conditions:Journeys on the Silk Road entailed numerous hardships and obstacles, as attested by travelers’ reports of the corpses they encountered along the route. Some of the route’s difficulties arose from the inhospitable climate and terrain it passed through. Traversing the desert was extremely hazardous, as travelers had to cope with heat, thirst, and sudden sandstorms.Relgion:Although the economic significance of the Silk Road was limited, its cultural impact was great. As merchants, artisans, and missionaries traveled along the trade routes, they brought with them new products, ideas, technologies, and aesthetic principles. For example, in the late 2nd century ad, when the Han dynasty was declining and China was in chaos, the Chinese people found stability and comfort in a new religion introduced to them via Silk Road travelers.

This is a Map of the Silk Road and it shows the Path Traders and Merchants Took to trade goods

This is an Informative Video about the Silk Road


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