Silk Hair Ties

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Silk Hair Ties

Silk hair ties

My problem

How will I make it?

What will I do?



My Equipment

Traits of silk

What trait will help?

One specific trait of silk that is most important for this experiment is that silk is very stretchy. Research shows that silk is very durable and flexible which can help the problem of when your hair ties easily break.


What happened & Why?

My final product was a hairtie that was not made out of silk because silk was unavailable but I did make a replica made out of something very similar making it very stretchy and is a good example of the real hairtie

What my idea is, is to get many many strands of silk and combine them together into the shape of a hair tie. I would also form the ends together just like a normal hair tie would be. The final product would be a white hair tie with mega stretch and also eco-friendly!

How can I make a hair tie that is super stretchy but also eco friendly?

I decided to use silk as my material for the eco friendly hair ties. They are very stretchy and good for the enviroment.


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