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Chemical Elements

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What is it?Silicon is a semi-metal. It is solid at room temperature and has 14 protons, neutrons, and electrons!


Interesting Facts:-Silicon is in 1/3 of the minerals in the Earth's crust.-Silicon Carbide is almost as hard as diamond!-Silicones are used in cookware, implants, sealants, and for insulation!-It costs $5.40 for 100 grams of pure silicon.-Silicon is difficult to break, and is light but strong.-Silicon can reflect sunlight and make all different colors. Most often, it gives it a blue-green sheen.

What is it used for?Silicon is very useful. It and it's compounds are in glass, clay, sand, silly putty, concrete, bricks, and most electronic devices! Silicon Dioxide is the most abundant compound in the Earth's crust!

Silicon was discovered by a Swedish chemist named Jons Jakob Berzelius in 1823. It's name comes from the Latin word, "silex," meaning silica, which is an isotope of silicon.Silicon's melting point is at 1410 degrees celcius, and it boils at 2360 degrees celcius!

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