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Chemical Elements

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Jons Jacob Berselious

The amount of protons is 14.The amount of neutrons is 14.086.The amount of electrons is 14.Electron configuration: Ne 3s2 3p2The atomic number is 14The atomic mass is 28.o86The symbol is SiThe name is Silicon

Silicon is a metalloid Melting point: 1,414 degrees celsiusBoiling Point: 3,265 degrees celsiusPhysical state at room temperature is a solid.Silicon is used in glass, sand, computer chips, ceramics, and a lot more.

Jons Jacob Berselious was the founder of silicon. In 1824 he was heating chips of potassium in a silica container and then carefully washing away the residual by-products and came up with silicon. Silicon is everywhere in the universe but can be found bound to other elements and can not be found by itself in nature


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