Silent Spring

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Silent Spring

BlurbHave you ever taken a bite out of an apple? An apple is healthy, right? Well, you'd be wrong, to an extent. Apples are sprayed with pesticides to kill any pests. These pesticides can also harm and maybe even kill you. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson dives into the details of these pesticides and the immense amount of harm they can perform. These harmful chemicals devastate ecosystems, destroying anything in its path. This exteremely influential nonfiction book banned one of these chemicals in 1962 and deters any use of pesticides in general. This book is one of the most controversial and influential books of the 20th century.

Slogans"Ba ba ba ba ba, I'm spraying it!""I would like food for a low price, but I'd also want our ecosytem back, that would be nice!"

Quotes - "'In the name of progress are we to become victims of our own diabolical means of insect control to provide comfort, only to lose out to destroying insects later?'"(Carson 113). - "It is our alarming misfortune that so primitive a science has armed itself with the most modern and terrible weapons, and that in turning them against the insects has also turned them against the earth"(Carson 297).- " Although chemical manufacturers are required by law to test their materials for toxicity, they are not required to make the tests that would reliably demonstrate genetic effect, and they do not do so"(Carson 216).

Silent Spring-Rachel Carson-

Glogster By: Dallen McLemore


Song LyricsI Need to Wake Up:By Melissa EtheridgeHave I been sleeping?Ive been so still, afraid of crumblingHave I been careless?Dismissing all the distant rumblingsTake me where I am supposed to beTo comprehend the things that I cant see'Cause I need to move, I need to wake upI need to change, I need to shake upI need to speak out, somethings got to break upIve been asleep and I need to wake up nowAnd as a child I danced like it was 1999And my dreams were wildThe promise of this new world would be mineNow I am throwing off the carelessness of youthTo listen to an inconvenient truthThat I need to move, I need to wake upI need to change, I need to shake upI need to speak out, somethings got to break upIve been asleep and I need to wake up nowI am not an islandI am not aloneI am my intentionsTrapped here in this flesh and boneAnd I need to move, I need to wake upI need to change, I need to shake upI need to speak out, somethings got to break upIve been asleep and I need to wake up nowI want to change, I need to shake upI need to speak out, oh, somethings got to break upIve been asleep and I need to wake up now

Political Cartoons

Paragraphs The pictures I have chosen for the Glogster each represent Silent Spring in a different way. The first picture represents the perceived harmlessness of the pesticides; the pesticides were apparently considered so harmless that children were allowed to walk only a few feet from the sprayer. The second picture of the broken egg represents the adverse effects of the pesticides that were sprayed around animals, resulting in great harm and a great possibility of death. The third picture shows the livestock that were sprayed with pesticides, with many harmful effects from the pesticides such as sickness and death. Some of the chemicals from the livestock go into our food, affecting us as well. The fourth picture shows the bees, which were heavily affected by the pesticides, and are a key part of our ecosystem. Without bees, many key functions of the ecosystem couldn't occur. The fifth picture shows the extremely harmful chemical, DDT, being sprayed over a neighborhood. DDT harms everything it touches, whether it be pests or the family dog. Due to its harmful nature being exposed by this book, it was bannned in 1962. The political cartoons I have chosen for Glogster also represent the book Silent Spring. The first political cartoon is a comedic approach to the harmful and potentially fatal effects of pesticides being sprayed in crops that we use everyday. The second political cartoon is a comedic approach to the pesticides in the food we eat everyday. The "fresh" produce contains several parts of pesticides per piece. The lyrics in the song I Need to Wake Up, by Melissa Etheridge, symbolizes the book by saying she needs to wake up to the problems the world is facing with pesticides and their effects. She says the world needs to change their ways of blanket spraying pesticides, and use other methods. She also says she needs to speak up and not let this issue just pass with no resistance, just allowing the issues to occur. The first video, The buzz about pesticides, shows that due to pesticides, the population of bees throughout the world is decreasing. This shows a key harmful effect of the pesticides: it kills species necessary to larger ecosystems that weren't intended to be killed. The second video, The Reason Pesticides May Be Worse Than You Think!, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of pesticides and shows a similar disadvantage to the first video: they are killing off major supporters of our ecosystem, like bees, that help provide about one third of our food.

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