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Language Arts

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Chapters 1-5

pg.19-20 "The men forced her to sit and gagged her." Madam Schachter was tring to warn the others but she was silenced because they thought she was crazy. i think they gagged her because they knew that it might be true and they did'nt want to be "I had watched the whole scene without moving. I kept quiet. Elie had no choice but to watch his father get beaten by one of the S.S officers. He wanted to help his father but at the same time he did'nt want to get beaten too. pg.47 "Long live liberty! cried the adults. But the child was silent."the child was being hung with two other men. he was silent because he knew there was no liberty.

Chapters 5-6

pg.49 "At the place of assembly, surrounded by the electrified barb wire, thousands of silent Jews gathered, their faces stricken."It is the eve of Rash Hashanah and all of the Jews are miserable. This is not how they ever imagined to spend the holiday. pg.51 "I no longer accepted God's silence. As I swallowed my bowl of soup, I saw in the gesture an act of rebellion and protest against him."Elie believed that God's presence was no longer there in his life. He thought God wanted him to die so he came up with any way possible to stay alive. pg.53 "Those whose numbers had been noted stood apart,abandoned by the whole world. Some were weeping in silence."The harsh reality finally hit the prisoners that did not pass selection. They knew they were going to be cremated.


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