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Brief History -The name "Sikhism" comes from the Punjabi sikh, "learner" or "disciple" -Sikhism was foudned in the 1500s by Guru Nanak -There are about 23 million sikhs in the world, making Sikhism the 5th largest world religion-The preachers share messages of devotion and rememberance of Godat all times. -Guru Ji (1469 to 1539 AD) left an important message that rejected custerism and believed that every religion can work together as one -The teachings of Sikhism are based off the Ten Gurus, the ten founders of the Sikhs starting with Guru Nanak, and ending with Guru Gobind

Structural Beliefs God -There is only one God. -God is without form, or gender. -Everyone has direct access to God.-Everyone is equal before God. -A good life is lived as a part of a community, by living honestly and caring for others. -Empty religious rituals and superstitions have no value. Living in God and Community -Sikhs major beliefs revolve around living a good life in God, and doing good deeds to achieve that good life. God and the Cycle of Life -Sikhs believe in the Law of Karma, which determines where their rebirth takes place.

Deity -One, Formless God with many names that can be known through meditation.

Foundational Text-The Guru Granth is the most sacred text in the Sikhism relgion. It is a written collection of teachings of Guru Nanak as well as other gurus, along with Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim saints. -In addition, the Adi Granth is also a collection of five of the Gurus teachings.

*Sikhism Symbol*

The Ten Gurus of Sikhism

Harmandir Sahib

Prophets and Disciples -The followers of the Sikhism religion are actually the disciples. -Sikh means disciple or student. -Sikhs follow Guru Nanak.

Compare and Contrast -Islam -Quaran is holy book-5 pillars -Doesn't have the five K's -Mecca is Holy Place for the Islamic faith -Muslims are buried when deadSikhism -Has the five K's -Guru Granth Sahib is holy book -Doesn't believe in pilgrimidge -Sikhs are creamated when dead -Has three pillars



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