Signs of Erosion in Russia

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Signs of Erosion in Russia

Fast Facts - Erosion occurs in the Amur and Volga River. -It turns the Caspen sea green .-The Volga River wanders South across the Northern European Plain.-The Amur River flows from the mountains of Northeast China and through Eastern Siberia to empty into the Sea of Okhotsk

Signs of Erosion in Russia

This is what the local food looks like.

Located in the Russian plains. Flows through northeast China to Siberia.

Signs of Erosion-Exposed tree roots.-Cracks in the soil in a river bank.-Clumps of grass in the river.-The top part of the river bank overhangs.-Brown or coloured water.-Collapsed river bank.

Fun Fact - Living organisms - Small animals, insects, and worms can add to erosion by breaking up the soil so it is easier for the wind and water to carry away.

Fun Fact-Gravity - The force of gravity can cause erosion by pulling rocks and other particles down the side of a mountain or cliff. Gravity can cause landslides which can significantly erode an area.


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