Signs All Around Me

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Signs All Around Me

Signs All Around Me

Yield Signs appear at round-a-bouts, crosswalks and many other places.

No Trespassing Signs appear when people who don't have permission, cannot go on the property.

I tell pedestrians that they cannot come on this property.

Now that you know some signs, go outside with a parent and see if you can find some in your neighborhood!

It is important to know some basic signs that we see in the world so we know what we are supposed to do so we can be safe walking on the roads.

Stop signs appear at intersections or exits out of parking lots.

I tell vehicles, motorcycles and bikes to stop!

Pedestrian crossing signs appear by schools, parks, and on many other streets.

I tell cars and pedestrians that they cannot come in this way.

I tell vehicles to let other cars go first or pedestrians go first.

Do Not Enter signs appear when there is one way traffic, or where pedestrians are not supposed to enter because there may be danger.

I tell vehicles and pedestrians where there is a crosswalk.


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