Significant Symbols of Canada: Maple Syrup

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Significant Symbols of Canada: Maple Syrup

Maple sryup representing CanadaMaple syrup is a good repesntation of canada because canada produces 85% of the worlds maple syrup. Also canadain maple syrup is made from sap from the canadian Suga Maple tree which produces better quality of syrup than other. Canada's Maple syrup produces take great care for their trees to make sure that the trees survive. Canada make smany kinds of maple syrup and most are pure.

Significant Symbols of Canada:

Maple Syrup

by Vivian

Maple sryup shows that canada is...

Maple syrup is very sweet and that reflects how sweet or nice we are.

Info on maple syrupThe first people to discover maple syrup were first nations. They found out that maple sap can be cooked into sweet syrup. Amber coloured maple syrup has a Rich flavour. The darker the colour the stronger the flavour.

Maple syrup is called Pure Liquid Gold

Canada's identitySymbols are important because they represent the country itself like when you see a maple leaf you can understand that it is Canadian. Symbols also represent how we treat each other like the peace sign means peace

Maple Syrup being important to...Maple syrup is important to the first natives beacsue they were the first people to master maple sap cooking and harvesting and pasted their knowledge down the family. Also becuse they make a high quality of maple syrup.


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