Significant People and Events of the 1850s

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Significant People and Events of the 1850s

Significant People and Events of the 1850s

S.T. Gill was a goldfield artist. He painted pictures of everyday life on the goldfields. Most of his paintings included men and women digging for gold or the tents that they lived in.Gill traveled around the victorian diggings making scetches. His pictures show small details like clothes, animals and the feelings of the diggers. His pictures help make people who don't dig for gold understand the lives of the ordinary men and women as they worked.

Eureaka stockade

1851 - Victoria becomes a new colony1851 - First gold found in Ballarat*1854 - Eureaka Stockade1856 - White men granted rights to vote1859 - Qld seperates from NSW*What is now Ballarat

To dig for you had to buy a mining licence. Every now and then you would have to pay money to continue mining. The Eureaka Stockade is when all the miners decided to disagree with this rule and burnt all their licences. When the police came after the them, the diggers made barriers to protect themselves. But the police had guns and other weapons that the miners did not so a lot of them got killed.

Millions of people went to the goldfields, most of them walked there. They either pushed or pulled there belongings in carts. They had to leave there house and most of there furniture to go.

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Information Source

This picture was painted by S.T. Gill.

Diggers licence


Made by Juliet Knuckey 5\6R

S.T. Gill

Gold Rush

This movie gives a quick example of what life was like on the goldfields.

Life on the Goldfields


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