Significant Australian -Edmund Barton

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Significant Australian -Edmund Barton

Edmund BartonBorn: 18/01/1849Died: 07/01/1920

EARLY CHILDHOODEdmund Barton was educated at quite a few places including Fort Street Model School from 1856-1858, the Sydney Grammar School from 1859-1864 and the University of Sydney. Edmund Barton had a love for music and liked fishing and playing cricket.

WORKING LIFEEdmund Barton started his career as a Barrister in 1871 and started a successful business. He then joined the Sydney Mechanics Institute to learn the art of debating. He was the Prime Minister of Australia from the 1st of January 1901 to the 24th of September 1903. After being Prime Minister he became a High Court Judge from 1903 to 1920.

FAMILYEdmund Barton got married to Jean “Jeanie” Mason Ross and they had six children : Alfred Barton -1879, Wilfred Barton- 1880, Alice Barton – 1882, Herbert Barton – 1884, Oswald Barton – 1888 and Stephanie Barton – 1892. Edmund Barton was highly influenced by his wife and kids. His family encouraged him throughout his journey.


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