Sign of the Beaver

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Sign of the Beaver

FactsMatt was left alone.Ben stole his rifle.A bear ransanked his cabin.Matt got stung by many bees. He ended up in a river. Two Indians rescued Matt.Their names were Saknis and Attean.They made a treaty with Matt. Matt would teach Attean how to read and Attean would bring matt food that they caught while hunting.Attean killed a bear.The Indians invited Matt over for a big feast on the bear that Attean had killed.Attean and Saknis asked matt if they wanted to go with them to the west to find new hunting ground .Matt refused to say no.Soon, Matt's family came and they lived a self-sufficent live.

The Characters:*Matt*Matt's father*Attean*Saknis*Ben*Attean's Grandmother

SummaryBy: Cameron ColemanIn the beginning, Matt and his father went to Maine to build a log house. But his father went back to Quincy to get the rest of their family. That ment that Matt had to be alone for 7 weeks. A couple of days later, someone arrived at the cabin door. His name was Ben. Matt allowed Ben to eat dinner and sleep with him. When Matt woke up his father's rifle went missing. It was Ben!Now, Matt was very worried. Soon, Matt wanted honey in the bee hive so he went up to get some honey. But he got stung many times and he dove in the lake. Luckily two people rescued and Matt went back to the cabin. The two people that rescued him were attean and Saknis. They gave him medicine and cured him. It was about time that Matt's family would have been here but they haven't arrived yet. Soon Attean invited Matt to there big feast. All the Indians were going to eat the bear that Attean had killed. So Attean took Matt to the big feast that the Indians had held. Matt was very tired after the feast, so he slept in one of the wigwams. Then, Attean came back to Matt's with Saknis by his side. They asked Matt if he wanted to come with them to move to the west to find new hunting ground. But Matt refused and he told them that his family will arrive to his cabin. Then, a couple of days later, Matt saw sometheing walking in the woods. It was his FAMILY! They hugged each other and lived a self-sufficuent life.

Sign Of The Beaver By: Elizabeth George Speare

By:Cameron Coleman5th Grade


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