Sights of London

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Sights of London

Finish the sentences.1. Buckingham Palace is a) a bell b) a square c) queen' home2. There are ... rooms in it. a) 775 b) 50 c) 103. Foot Guards wear ... a) red suits b) red jackets and tall furry hats c) red boots

Fill in the missing phrases. Act it out.- ..., could you tell me how ,,, the British Museum?- Oh, of course. ... that wide street over there?- Yes.- ... that street and it will lead you to the British Museum.- ... Thank you very much.- ..... . Have a nice day.

Field trip report from London

True or False?1. Next month I'm going to stay in London for 3 days.2. MOMI is not an art gallery.3. MOMI museum is a museum of cinema and TV history.4. Londoners aren't proud of their parks and gardens.

Buckingham Palace

Our walk around London is over. Have you enjoyed it? Make up your own walk and tell about famous sights of London.

1. Where is Trafalgar Square situated?2. What was the original name of the square?3. Is Trafalgar Square surrounded by many great buildings?4. What are they?5. What is at the centre of the square?6. The square is used for demonstrations and community gatherings, isn't it?7. Would you like to visit Trafalgar Square?

Answer the questions about Trafalgar Square.

Say which place of interest this text can describe.The famous clock Big Ben stands near the ...... . The country's leaders speak in the ... . .... stand beside the river Thames. Yuo can see Big Ben and ... from Westminster Bridge.

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