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What is the RUF (Revolutionary United Front)?They are a rebel group who is led by Foday Sankoh, a former corporal/army photographer who was imprisoned for a failed coup (a movement to overturn someone). They're completely funded by trading "blood" diamonds, and even insisting that the government has been corrupted by the diamonds and they must be the ones to overturn the government.

Sierra Leone's Civil War-Between the years 1991-2002.-First started when Joseph Mamah became the president of Sierra Leone in 1985. Sankoh and a group of students rebelled.-At least one-third of the civilian population was killed.-By 2002, 72,000 excombatants were demobilized and disarmed.

Many children are either kidnapped or willfully join the RUF. Once they are a part of they are in they are then drugged or intoxicated. The RUF has a long history of using children.

Sierra Leone's Child Soliders

Why Africa has come to this State

Civil War Facts-The war was between the Sierra Leone Government and the RUF over the control of the diamonds.-Many neighboring countries had to house refugees.

Unfortunately FodaySankoh died in July, 2003 from natural causes before he could be tried in court.

Government25% of all their soldiers are under 18, even though all who service the army must be 17.5 years old by law.On Sept 1, 2009 they passed a revised version of the Anti-Corruption act to fight epidemic corruption, again.As a way to fight the RUF the government bombed "suspected" rebel hide-outs, causing several civilian casualties.Due to their inability to defend the people the government needed help from British and Kamajor (a traditional hunter’s militia) to combat the RUF. They also stopped paying civil servants and teachers for a period of time. Those actions led to the instability of the government and the fact that 70% of the population is illiterate.

At the RUF’s height they had thousands of supporters now they have hundreds.

Many times the RUF will enter villages, recruit people, kill the rest and use up all of the village's resources. Once they were done with the village they would set it on fire and leave. Their most known trademark was amputated limbs.

"Security in the wider sub region was still very fragile due to illicit drug trafficking and cross-border organized crime." (Security Council, Online).

The use of child soliders in Sierra Leone has caused a state of civil unrest due to the unstable government, presense of rebels and the aftermath of the civil war.


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