Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone

Over 250,000 child soldiers in the worldIn order to coerce and manipulate children, soldiers would drug them with cocaine and prescription drugs.Childern were used on the frontlines, as "wives", as porters, and as cooks.Becuase they have an underdeveloped sense of fear and danger, children would be used as the first line of defense. They were seen as disposal.

In the 17th century, the British established a trading post near modern-day Freetown. It began as a trading post for timber and ivory, but eventually grew to become a slave trading post. In 1921, Sierra Leone gained its indpendence from Britian. Various political parties have vied for head of state. To this day, democracy is still being established.


About Language: English; Mende; Temne; KrioPopulation: 5.8 millionArea: Western Africa; Atlantic OceanReligion: Muslim; Christianity; indigenous beliefs

Sierra Leone

1991 - 2002In 1991, Fodoy Sankoh (leader of Revolutionary United Front) stage a coup to successfully overthrow the president. For the next decade he led a brutal civil war for control of the government. In 2002, the civil war ended, Sankoh was arrested, and rebels were disarmed. They were granted blanket amnesty and live alongside their victims.


Blood Diamonds

Civil War

Child Soldiers

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