Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone

Country Project

Country Information-Sierra Leone-Western Africa-Border countries are Liberia and Guinea-Surrounding body of water is the Atlantic Ocean-Capital is Freetown-Population is 6.3 growing at a rate of 2.3%-Natural resources are diamond, gold, bauxite, rutile, and iron ore-Major cities are Freetown, Bo, Kenema, Koidu, Makeni, Lunsar, Port Loko, Waterloo, Kabala, and Seqbwema

Sierra Leone

Cultural Information-English is the official language but only the educated can use and Krio is a mixture of primarily English, Yoruba, and other African languages, is the common language (they teach French in secondary school)-Islam and Christianity-Rice mostly, bread, margarine, grilled meat and fish, fried potatoes, fried plantains, fruit, and roasted groundnuts

Government Information-Type of government is Constitutional Democracy-The title and name of current leader is President Ernest Bai Koroma

Travel Information-Popular places to visit/explore are Bonthe Island, Gola Forest National Park, Kono Diamond Mining Fields, Tiwai Island Wildlife, and Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Bibliography is seperate but I can give it out if needed.


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