Sierra Leone Blood Diamonds

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Sierra Leone Blood Diamonds

Sierra Leone Blood Diamonds

Blood diamonds are illegally traded diamonds that fund militias or other factions to fight against the internationally known governments of their country. These diamonds mostly come from war torn areas in Africa such as Sierra Leone.

Blood Diamond History in Sierra Leone

By 1991, Sierra Leone's government had nearly crumbled due to corruption in illicit diamond trading. March 23, 1991 a civil war broke out when a group of 100 armed rebels invaded diamond districts in Sierra Leone. This group of rebels are known as the Revolutionary United Force.

Sierra Leone's Invasion

In 1999, the U.N. took action by pressuring the R.U.F to sign the Lome Peace Acord which would bring a end to the civil war and the R.U.F. or the U.N would embargo Sierra Leone. The R.U.F signed it July of 1999. January, 2000 the R.U.F continue to attack diamond mining villages to this day. As a result the U.N. has declared a ban on selling or trading of nongovernmental diamonds also known as "Blood Diamonds."

The R.U.F started out as a political party but due to corruption they became a gang. They invaded all the main diamond mining towns killing thousands, building mass graves to hide what they did, and stealing the children to train them how to kill for them. These massacres go on for 10 years.

Sierra Leone Civil War

Sierra Leone today

In 1961, Sierra Leone gained their independence from Britain so all the protection of diamond mining vanished and in came African gangs. Now this has become a political problem do to the large income from diamond mining. Armed rebels were just beginning to spread out of illict diamond trading to human trafficing and overthrowing the government.

Sierra Leone's Independence

Diamond mining didn't start taking place until 1935 which was controlled by the Sierra Leone goverment. People realized how rich you could become so everyone flooded to Sierra Leone including African Gangs. However, Great Britain still owned Sierra Leone as a territory so Britain protected diamond mines with heavily armed mercenaries.

Affects of Diamond Mining

Sierra Leone Flag

Blood Diamonds?


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