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-African Americans are twice as likely to get sids.-Native Americans are three times likely to die than caucasian.-Boys are most likley to get SIDS than girls.-Babies who are at the age of 2 months to 4 months have a 90% chance of dying of SIDS.- Babies have at the ages of 5 to 7 months have a 70% chance of dying of SIDS.


Who is most likely to be affected by SIDS?

What Is SIDS ?

SIDS is sudden infant death syndrome. SIDS is where a baby under the age of 1 dies in the sleep. SIDS unlike other syndromes or illnesses show no symtoms of it entering the body.SIDS has no cure because as said in the name Sudden Infant Death Syndrome the baby dies.SIDS is also know as "crib death" Because the baby dies in it's crip while sleeping.

Cures and Precautions

Although there are no cures to SIDS there are some precautions for SIDS. Some of the precautions are-- place the baby on it's back while it is sleeping - Place the baby in a crib while it is sleeping.-Keep baby's head and face uncovered.

Even after years of research there hasn't been any cure for SIDS.Scientists haven't found any reasons to why this happens only in babies and also why there aren't any symtoms to SIDS.

SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

SIDS is where babies die all of a sudden with no symtoms or reason.Children Dying of suffocation is where the children can't get air or clean air to breath. An example of dying with suffocation is where something is covering the baby's head or the baby is slepping in a room full of smoke.

The Difference between SIDS and Children dying of suffocation


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