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Sidney Reilly

Sidney Reilly

BiographyReilly was dispached to several different places in the far east and Russia. Reilly became friends with Robert Bruce Lockhart, who outlined their adventures together in his "Memoirs of a British Agent". Lockhart's son later wrote the book Ace of Spies, an effective biography of Reilly. Reilly loved his high life of women, adventure,deception, and gambling. Regardless of Reilly overexaggerating his spy missions, he was the inspiration for the character James Bond. In 1925, Soviet secret police lured Reilly back to Russia and captured him. He was imprisoned and later executed. The Soviet's liet and said he was shot while crossing the Finnish border; however, some believed he became a Societ advisor.

InformationBorn: March 24, 1873Died: November 5, 1925Wife: Margaret ReillyFamous for: Ace of Spies

Reilly grew up a Jewish, Russian- born spy. It is still a mystery, but originally he was named Georgi Rosenblum or Salomon Rosenblum. He was recruited into intelligence work by William Melville, later moving with Melville to the Secret Service Bureau. After getting married, Reilly obtained his new name.

Reilly, well- known for being in the Ace of Spies, had a movie made after him and his life as a spy.


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