Sid and I

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Sid and I

FamilyI have three brothers and one sister. All my children had a bar mitzvah. And baby naming.I have three great-granddaughters, and four grandchildren.I had a Jewish weddingMy wife’s father is a kosher butcher, and very religious.My daughter who lives in Mexico is married to a non-Jewish guy.My mother was from Russia, my father was from Austria.

By: Jenna Arguin

ChildhoodI had a wonderful childhood. I went all through the Cambridge school system, and throughHarvard, and also the Hebrew Teacher’s College. I had a very big bar mitzvah. It was at Mishkan Tefillah in Roxbury.I went to temple all my life, in Cambridge. It was Orthodox.


TRAVELSI was a travel agent. I traveled the entire world. I’ve been to alot of countriesI’ve been to Israel 33 times. One of my sons made Aliyah and now he’s a paratrooper in the Israeli air force.I was in the main temple in Jerusalem.It’s the most beautiful city in the world! And when you’re on the top of Mount Scopus, and you look down on Jerusalem at sunset, there’s a song called Yerushalayim shel Zahav – Jerusalem of Gold – and that’s what it looks like when the sun sets. Because Jerusalem has an ordinance, if you build a building you have to build it with Jerusalem stone.Where else did you go?South America, Europe, Africa, Russia….I was very impressed by Stalingrad.Ever been to Washington DC?One of my sons lives there.Ever see the cherry blossom trees? Those are from Japan.Statue of Liberty?Yes, a few times. I’ve seen it from a ship, and from land. It looks just like it does in the pictures.I’ve been to Germany. I never enjoyed it thought. Germany and Poland are the two countries I can say I did not enjoy. Very anti-semitic.Two favorites: Israel and Mexico.Egypt is a very dirty country, but it has some magnificent things to see – like the pyramids and the sphinx. The houses are made of stones and cement.Italy, that’s my next favorite country. I mostly toured, and enjoyed the dining. The food is verygood in Italy. Greece – very interesting. There are a lot of antiquities, and of course the Parthenon. The Greeks have a lot of art work and a lot of statues.Jenna: Did you go to Russia? What was it like?Sid: I was very impressed by Stalingrad.Jenna: My great-grandmother, on my mom’s side, was from Russia.I've been to many states. Not all.Jenna: I've been Tenneessee.I enjoy traveling its a wonderful education.I know a few languages: Hebrew, English, and German.

FACTS ABOUT BAT MITZVAHS You are a Bat or Bar Mitzvah the day you turn 13! You don’t HAVE to celebrate or have a service to become a Bat or Bar Mitzvah You can have the celebration ANY time after you turn 13.Means “Daughter” or “Son” “of the commandment: you are old enough to take on responsibilities in the Jewish community At Kol Tikvah:Learn and lead blessings for wine, candle, challah for Friday service Learn blessing for putting on a Talit Learn and lead all blessings for the Torah service (taking the torah out, blessings over the torah, blessings before and after the Haftarah, returning the torah to the ark) Learn to chant a portion of the Torah for the week of your ceremony, chant at the service Teach the congregation something you learned from this Torah portion (“D’var Torah: a Word About the Torah”) People in your family have important jobs during the service Have a party

NAVYI was just a general seaman.I had two major missions. One was the rescue at Entebbe, the other was the battle at Midway. I was in charge of the “dirty dozen.” We first fired on the Japanese ships, and they fired back.The Japanese had suicide submarines. The navy intelligence found out. The submarines were loaded with dynamite. They were supposed to crash into the American ships so they couldn’t fight. This was before the battle of Midway. I was a seaman. The commander of my ship put me in charge of the “dirty dozen” – that was eleven other navy seals and me –. to sink the submarines. So we did. We sank all 32 of them. The ship was 555 feet long. To get an idea of how long that is: If they took the Washington Monument and laid it on its side, it’s 555 feet long! And we supplied fuel for the whole seventh fleetWhat did you do on the ship to entertain yourself?Mostly play basketball. Sometimes we played cards.Have you been in any wars?Well of course World War II.What was it like?It was hell.Who did you fight?Japan mostly.My oldest brother was in the Battle of the Bulge in Europe. He was also in North Africa. He was wounded.

ADVICE ON LIVING A GOOD LIFEIn Sids' words, Experience life. First by traveling and seeing how other people live. I think that traveling is the best education one could have. I observe my Jewishness and appreciate it very much. I think that we have a wonderful heritage. Every Jewish person should visit Israel at least once to! And of course everything is in Hebrew.

REASONS WHY JEWISH PEOPLE CELEBRATE A BAT MITZVAH Jewish people are stepping through the door to start a young adult life by having more responsibilities Separates us from all other religionsCelebrating your 13th birthday in a Jewish way that is specialFollow the Holy One’s commandmentsPass down the Torah to teach our children and their children so the jewish religion will live on from generation to generation.



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