Sickle cell

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Sickle cell

As you can see, the normal blood cell is round. the sikle cell is like a sickled.

Sickle Cell Disease

While the sickle cell and the normal blood cell goes in to the blood stream, the sickle cell gets stuck and clogs up. It can cause a lot of damage, which can lead to a stroke, heart attack and even death.

Sickle cell is a group of inheirted blood disorder disease, which means that your perants can pass it down to one of thieir kids.

If a person with the sickle cell trait will not have it or never have it. But it can be pass down to their kids. Here is a punnett square.

AA- will be normal.AS-will be the carrier with the trait.SS- will have the disease.

Sympothoms*Painful events, in the hands or feet, adbomen, back or chest are most common.the pain can last from hours to days.


The most common is fatigue. Other signs.shortness of breathdizzinessheadachescoldness in the hands and feetpalerJaundice (a yellowish color of the skin or whites in the eyes)

Sickle cell affects peaople in many nations including, Italians, Latin-Americans,Greeks-Arbs and Asiatic-Indains.



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