[2014] Ella Dsilva: Siberian tigers

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[2014] Ella Dsilva: Siberian tigers

How can we help?Already so many people are trying to help by,donating money to help build animal conservations, specifically for Siberian tigers,along with people spending and voluntering their time to help build the conservations,and lastley in 1993 China made a law making it illegal to hunt Siberian tigers.Yet there is so much more we can do to help, starting of by,doing what is listed above,donating money by searching websites that you can send money that will go towards closing off areas where pouchers are't aloud to cross,and traveling to Asia (East Russia, North Korea and China) and voluntering your time to build animal conservations that will protect the tigers from pouchers. Siberian tigers are extremley endangered, and there is a variety of things we can do to help them live from extinxtion.

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How come this is so important?There are only a few reason why this is important but they are all important reasons, this is so important,because to begin with there where 9 tiger subspecies (Siberian, South-China,Indochinese,Samatran, Bengal,Malayan,Bali,Javan and Caspian)but unfortunley 3 of those species have gone extinct (Bali,Caspian and Javan)and now there are 6 subspecies of tigers remaining (Siberian,South-China, Indochinese,Samatran,Bengal and Malayan) which all are endangered!That is one of the reasons why this is so important.

Whats the problem and how did come Siberian tigers are like this?Siberian tigers are extremley endangered!In total of all the Siberian tigers in captivitie and in the wild there are aproximeteley 350-500 left! Siberian tigers have been hunted since the 1970 and are still being poached today.In 1993 China declared that almost a third of the Siberian tiger population was lost.The main reason why Siberian tigers are poached is because most of their body parts are used for traditional asian medicines. Another signififecent reason Siberian tigers are endangered is their habitats are being destroyed,the birch bark lumber is used a lot for furniture for people in North Korea and the other countries Siberian tigers live in.Siberian tigers have killed 7 people and hunters would kill the tigers that they asumed killed the people,and if they asumed wrong they would "guess" again. Siberian tigers are extremley endangered and we must do everything we can to help them

Siberian TigersEndangered!

Where do Siberian Tigers come from?Siberian Tigers are usaully found in birch forest in Eastern Russia,but some are found in North Korea,and China.


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