Siberian tiger

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Siberian tiger

WHAY DO THEY EAT?They are the largest and most porwerful cats. They travel 1,000 kilometers. They eat deer, hares, rabbits, goral, almon and brown bear.

WHERE DO THEY LIVE?They live in the mountains that extend from Russia to China. They live at an altitude of about 500 – 800 metres.

Species: Panthera Tigris Scientific name: Panthera Tigris Altaica Population: 250 tigers

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICSIt is yellow with narrow black stripes. It is 150 cm long. It has got short legs with a long tail. It is 10 cm long. Old males have got the biggest and the strongest skulls. A female skull is always smaller. It is smaller and weaker than the skulls of males.


WHAT CAN WE DO? We can protect their mountains and sent hunters to prison

WHY ARE THEY ENDANGERED SPECIES? Because hunters kill them to get their fur.


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