SHU World Week - Dominican Republic

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SHU World Week - Dominican Republic

"Yesterday I was born Spanish,By noon I was French,By night I was Ethiopian,Today they say I am English,I do not know what will be of me."- Padre Juan Vásquez

Capital: Santo DomingoPopulation: 8.6 millionLanguage: SpanishGovernment: DemocracyCurrency: Dominican PesoSport: BaseballMusic: Merengue

La República Dominicana

The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti.

Speak Dominican!"¿Qué lo qué?" - What's up?"Ta jevi" - That's awesome "To ta frío" - It's all good"Tíguere" - A smart-aleck"Manso" - Chilling"Tú ta pasao" - You're crazy

Dominican Culture and the Taíno Legacy

The Taínos-Native peoples of Hispaniola-Island orignally "Aytí"-Polytheistic; ancestor worship-Basic tools, spears-Vast knowledge of the sea

- Arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492- Colony "La Navidad" established- Taínos extinct by mid-16th century

Taíno WordsBarbecue - barbacoaHurricane - huracánHammock - hamacaTobacco - tabacoGuava - guayabaCanoe - canoa


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