[2015] Kendyl Laughlin: Shrimp

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[2015] Kendyl Laughlin: Shrimp

SIX WORD STORY "Maybe things haven't changed at all." I thought the author's writing style was very descriptive and modern. She didn't hesitate to throw in a few swear words in the character's dialogues. The creativity she puts into her characters is amazing because I actually picture their appearances and personalities in my mind. The plot was a little hard to follow at first, because Rachel Cohn had previously written a book called "Gingerbread", which should've been read before "Shrimp" to completely make sense. I really did enjoy this book. I think it's a very humorous, and fun story to follow along with. It's a perfect mixture of love, hatred, awkwardness, and sadness.


This book kind of reminds me of the book "Paper Towns" by John Green. In this book, Cyd Charisse, in a way, chases Shrimp with her friend Helen, while in "Paper Towns" Quentin literally chases Margo with his group of friends. I'd say that Cyd is most like Quentin because she's in love with Shrimp, like how Quentin is in love with Margo, but the don't reciprocate the feelings. Unlike Margo and Quentin, Cyd and Shrimp confess their undying love for each other towards the end of the book. "I love you." "Ditto." (187)

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ShrimpShrimp is the ex boyfriend of Cyd Charisse. He is an artist, and according to Cyd, the "hottest pint-sized surfer in San Fransisco". He is very short and has spiked hair with a platinum blonde patch in the front. Shrimp is sarcastic, funny, and sometimes hostile towards Cyd. He hangs out with his brother, Java, and the other surfers on San Fransisco's beaches. He hopes to be an artist or a professional surfer. "Well, did you save the last dance for me?" (186) CydCyd Charisse is tall, has dark brown hair, skinny, and likes to dress in black. She is extremely sarcastic, but she's sensitive. She hangs out with her half siblings Ashley and Joshua, Helen, and Alexai. The book doesn't really explain what Cyd aspires to be in the future, but from what it does tell the readers, she wants to be with Shrimp for the rest of her life. Cyd changes over the summer when she goes to New York, physically and emotionally. She forgets her past with Shrimp, yet there's still a small aprt of her that's in love with him. "Eh, whatever." (242)Helen Helen is bisexual, wears dark makeup, has dark hair, wears quite a lot of camouflage, black, and combat boots. She is sassy, yet polite and understanding. She argues with her mother, but loves her even though she doesn't agree with her punishments and decisions. She hopes to do art in the future. Helen is reserved and timid in the beginning of the book, but when she meets Cyd and opens up, she realizes there's nothing to hide from. "Get over it, Mom." (21)



This story is set in San Fransisco, California during modern day time. A few important places visited throughout the book are The Java Hut, and Helen's family restaurant. Cyd and Shrimp are planning to move to Berkely, California. "Shrimp and I have a secret. No, I'm not pregnant...Shrimp and I are moving in together."


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