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Oral Fixation

Defense Mechanism

Latency Stage


Shrek's swamp has been filled with all sorts of fairytale creatures by Lord Farquaad, so Shrek and Donkey go to persuade Farquaad to give his swamp back. Farquaad sends Shrek to rescue Princess Fiona, who is waiting for her one true love. On the way to bring Fiona back, Shrek realizes he has feelings for her.

Defense mechanisms are ways to reduce anxiety by distorting reality. Shrek uses denial, which is a defense mechanism where one denies the truth or seriousness of an incident. Throughout their trip, Shrek denies his feelings for Fiona because he doesn't want to deal with the resuts of telling her or Donkey that he likes her.

The oral stage is the first psychosexual stage. It lasts from 0 to 18 months and pleasure focuses on the mouth. If a child is either deprived or overindulged in the oral stage, fixation occurs. This is when pleasure continues to focus on a particular stage, even into adulthood. overeats to statisfy this lingering psychosexual stage's need for oral pleasure. Shrek is constantly eating, whether it be bugs, weeds, rats, or other treats , so he might be experiencing oral fixation.

Your id contains the desire to satisfy all basic desires. The ego tries to satisy the id in reasonable ways, and the superego tries to meet moral standards that we develop with age. Shrek's ego is apparent in the beginning of the movie when he decides to get Fiona back. He is satisfying his id by getting is land but it is his ego controlling this. He could have gone crazy and tried to get his land illegally, but he handled it in an acceptable way.


This is when sexual urges are repressed and individuals mostly interact with their own gender. When they first get Fiona, Shrek represses his sexual feelings and puts most of his energy into getting where they need to go. He's more open and comfortable around Donkey than he is with Fiona at this point. In a human, this would be when his ego and superego are developing, but not completely developed.


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