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Shrek is the dopiest dude ever. he starts off as an everyday ogre eating rats and scaring people in his own individual swamp. One day Shrek tumbled upon a donkey. His name was Donkey. Before Shrek knew it his entire house was overrun by all the fantasy characters from books and movies. Shrek knew he had to do something.

I thought this movie was awesome because it had good dialoge and it was very funny and entertaining.


When Shrek found out who kept on sending fantasy characters to his swamp, Lord Farquad, he immediatly When to Lord Farquads castle where Lord Farquad sent Shrek on a dangerous mission to rescue princess Fiona so Lord Farquad Could marry her. Shrek accepted the mission so he could regain his independence in his swamp. When Shrek had found Fionas castle he was forced to fight and chain a female dragon. on the way back to Lord Faquads castle he began to fall ibn love with Fiona. but Fiona had a dark secret, every night Fiona would turn into a ogre. When Shrek turned Fiona over to Farquad Shrek was saddened for he had given the only person who he had ever loved for his swamp. Shrek decided to return to Farquads castle kill Farquad using the female dragon, and the Ogres lived happily ever after.

Amazing video




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