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Show what you know: Helium

FACTSthe only substance that can't trun into solid under normal pressure.Super fluid under negetive absloute temperature.Super conductor under negetive absloute temperature.The element that started low Temperture physics.Propoties under cold temperture was uaually the oppsite of normal substancess.Helium was named after the god of the sun, Helius.


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Helium was named after the god of the sun, Helius.Evidence of helium's existence came from observation of a yellow spectral line from the sun.Inhaling helium temporarily changes the sound of a person's voice.Helium is one of only two natural elements that has never been observed bonding to another element in a compound. The other element is neon. Helium plasma can, however, form temporary excimer molecules with elements including sodium, fluorine and sulfur

Helium was discovered by Pierre-Jules-Ce^sar Janssen, Franch, in 1868, while studying the sun using a spectrascope. Helium was discovered on earth by Sir William Ramsay, 1895. It was the first element to be identifyed in space before on earth.

Non-mentalnoble gasunfalmablecolorlessorderlesssmelless

•Helium is used in supersonic wind tunnels because it is inert, thermal and calorically perfect nature, high speed of sound, and high value of the heat capacity ratio.•As helium is lighter than air, airships and balloons can be filled with the gas to gain lift. Helium is also non-flammable making it a much safer gas to fill blimps and airships with.•Helium is used to condense hydrogen and oxygen to make rocket fuel. It is also used to purge fuel and oxidizer from support vehicles and to cool hydrogen fuel in space vehicles•The age of rocks which contain uranium and thorium can be estimated using helium dating.

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